7 Recommended Manga Series for your Collection

Do you have any collection of books at home? You might want to add more books to your collection. Reading is one of the best past-time activities because you can learn from it. If you’re just looking for some interesting books to read for fun, there are a lot of choices for you. Since manga series had become very famous, there are more good choices to offer. So, here is a list of some manga series recommended for you!

Oh My Goddess! It is all about romance, comedy and fantasy. It was even shown on television in 2000 as a movie. This is a good story and be in-loved with the characters. Have fun!

Hajime no Ippo. This series was shown on television and the story is good. If you love boxing, it would bring more interest on you. You will not just know and learn about boxing techniques but also, laugh out loud because at the same time it is a comedy. Be inspired by the main character of the story!

Buso Renkin. Great imagination is shown in this series. It fits the taste of young male children and teenagers.

Azumanga Daioh. The story is about young students consists of female who made efforts to survive as high school students. Perfect for young teenagers!

Love Hina. Animated series good for teenagers and young adults. It is a romantic comedy!

Boys Be. This is recommended for male and female teen and young adult readers. The story is all about male students who came to learn how to love and live meaningfully.

Dragon Ball Z. Be inspired by the main characters! This is really a great imagination. The story is good for young children and also teenagers.